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The name of Lausanne in the 6th century is Lousonna. In 1219 Lausanne has 9000 inhabitants, after different bad periods the city has again 9000 inhabitants in 1798.
Lausanne has about 130000 inhabitants. The most photos and webcams of Aarau are added in 2008.
Some of the well known institutions of Lausanne are the university of Lausanne (founded in 1537), the international olympic comitee and the hotel school.
The pictures (click here) of Lausanne Switzerland have different formats. The photos have 800*600 or 450*600 pixels. The webcams have no standard.
Bilder von Lausanne  
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Bilder von Lausanne Schweiz, Fotos und Webcams.
Images de Lausanne  
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Images de Lausanne Suisse, des photos et webcams.
Fotos van Lausanne  
Webcams en fotos voor uw vakantie  
Beelden van Lausanne Zwitserland, fotos en webcams.
Immagini Lausanne  
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Immagini della Lausanne Svizzera, foto e dei webcam.
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