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In the middle ages until 1513 there were several fights about Lugano, between the duke of milano and the bisschop of Como. From 1512-13 on, Lugano was in the possesion of the Swiss. In 1798 Lugano became a part of Switzerland. Since the Gotthard train tunnel was opened in 1882, the economic growth increased rapidly and Lugano expanded from 7000 inhabitants in the year 1880 to 15000 in 1910.
The tourist, finance and commerce industry are the most important industries of Lugano. Lugano has about 55000 inhabitants.
The name Lugano is created from the latin word lucus, which means "holy forrest". Since 1515 until the beginning of the 20th century, Lugano organised the "Fiera Grossa", which was one of the 3 most important cattle-fairs in Europe. In 1910 there were already 10 banks in Lugano.
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