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In 1011 Neuchatel is mentioned for the first time in history by the king of Burgondy Rudolph III as he gave "Novum Castellum" to his wife Irmengarde. Im the year 1530 the river Seyon flooded the city and destroyed all the bridges of the town and the city hall.
The clock industry plays an important economic role in Neuchatel. Neuchatel has almost 32000 inhabitants. The most photos and webcams of Neuchatel are added in 2008.
Very beautiful building to visit are the castle, the stifts-church from the 12th century, the Hôtel du Peyrou from the 18th century and the Place des Halles.
The pictures (click here) of Neuchatel Switzerland have different formats. The photos have 800*600 or 450*600 pixels. The webcams have no standard.
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