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In 939 the Sarazenen occupied the Saas valley, they entered the valley over the Monte-Moro- and Antrona-pass. The name Allalin originate out of this time, it is one of the dominating 4000 meter mountains in Saas Fee. Around 1300, many families emigated to Italy, because of poverty. The first Hotel in the Saas valey was opened in 1833. In the beginning of the 20th century, the first ski clubs were founded. Before 1951 (then the street to Saas Fee was opened) many tourist were brought to Saas Fee by mule.
Saas Fee has about 1700 inhabitants.
At the end of june, there is a cow-fight on the Trift-alp in Saas Grund. The king catagory are the more than 600 kilogram heavy Eringer cows. This breed comes from the valley d'Hérens in Wallis.
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