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Spiez is already mentioned in 762 (Spiets), but it existed already 1000 years bc. In the 10th and 11th century the castle of Spiez is build by the family von Strättligen. The history of the farmers and fishers and winery village Spiez is relativ calm.
Now Spiez has about 12000 inhabitants. Since the railway connection, the tourisme became very important to Spiez. The most photos and webcams of Spiez are added in 2008.
At the end of September, one day before the Spiez market, there is the feast "Läset-Sunntig", the only wine feast in the region.
The pictures (click here) of Morges Switzerland have different formats. The photos have 800*600 or 450*600 pixels. The webcams have no standard.
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