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In 1302 the city of Willisau (150 inhabitants) is founded by the familie of Hasenburg. In 1704 the city burns down for the fourth time. Around 1800 Willisau splitted up in a Willisau-city and Willisau-country (in 2006 they joined again). The reason was the lak of support for the people in Willisau-county that were poor.
Willisau has about 7000 inhabitants. The most photos and webcams of Willisau are added in 2008.
The cooky "Willisauer Ringli" is manufactured since 1850 by the 5th generation of the owner-familie in the house of origin.
The pictures (click here) of Willisau Switzerland have different formats. The photos have 800*600 or 450*600 pixels. The webcams have no standard.
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